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We produce and co-produce for global audience.

Development is the initial first stage where the idea of a film is created and we construct it with the strong foundation so that the rest of the event can go by smoothly this is the place where the entire event gets created.

Then comes the pre-production where the preparation of the shoot takes place from the direction to the working staff the entire crew is decided and are given their roles, the location is selected and arrangements are done to work in the selected area, the budget is set in other words the actual next phase of the plan starts getting executed in this phase.

Production where the raw elements are recorded of the shoot and the rest of the direction is lead to complete the shoot in the desired way.

Post production where the finishing touches like the sound the visual and the special effects are taken care off.

Distribution is where the finished film or shoot is distributed so that it could reach the desired audience.

This entire process is where we work our best to please our clients in the best way possible.

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